A Brief Bio



Started playing at age 10, then took lessons at the local music store during junior high. Had to quit after 2 years cause my mom couldn't afford the hike in price per lesson form $2 to $3. This was 1968 when gas was still 25 cents a gallon. Played in various rock bands thru high school and college before starting formal classical training in 1975.

After completing a bachelor’s in guitar performance at MSU in Wichita Falls, I continued my studies at UNT in Denton earning a master’s degree in guitar performance in 1983.  I was fortunate enough to play for such visiting guitar dignitaries while at UNT. There is where I  started on a career of playing weddings and other affairs. Did 20 year stint in high school with a guitar program and some adjunct teaching at MSU.

Recently I have retired from teaching and playing and am moving on to the next phase. Read my Confessions blog for more about the last few years but only if you are really curious. Spoiler alert, it's not that interesting. 





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